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Jiří Suchánek: MOVEMENTS

PŘESUNY - Foto: Jiří Suchánek

PŘESUNYFoto: Jiří Suchánek

Movements cause further movements. Empty places fill up over time and overcrowded accelerate.

The composition reflects the theme of movements in its abstract level. It is not essential whether it is a move of money, people, information, rubble, planets, responsibilities, beads, love or attention. The common denominator is rather the complexity and the impossibility of hyper-parallel movements in which one tries to do order for at least a moment (apparently within the framework of self-preservation) . The flashings moments of inspiration and clarity are staggered by the composition, as well as the flurries of chaos and elusive events over time. 


Jiří Suchánek: PŘESUNY

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I'm not trying to the semantic reduction of specific sounds but the perception of sound and its spectromorphology as a symbol. Understanding the composition as nature - a dynamic, nonlinear system where events never repeat quite the same. 

Autor:  Ladislav Železný

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