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RADIOCUSTICA selected 2015 - Foto: Michaela Doležalová

R(A)DIO(CUSTICA) selected 2015

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Radioatelier Premedition

Ian Mikyska, Maryanna Kozak, Martina Smutná: MÉDEA

Taking off from the topic of infidelity, this radio Medea plays a game of intimacy, nearness, and honesty with the listener. Original documentary material mixes... "...for me it's such a huge thing that the other person is interested in me that it then becomes really... "

Next Premiere

Veronika Svobodová: Ror-bu

Ror-bu is the sound composition of Veronika Svobodová, whose approach to work with sound unmistakably reveals the links to theater scenography, art of installation and performance. In her work he connects space, time, and situations. What is important...

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