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Jiří Adámek - Foto: Jiří Adámek

Jiří AdámekFoto: Jiří Adámek

Jiří Adámek (1977) studied directing at the Theatre Faculty (DAMU) of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he currently teaches. He developed an original form of musical, or sonic, theater combining a composed musical structure with stylized acting and an unusual approach to language (the fragmented or rhythmic use of words of words and playful experimentation with semi-abstract clusters of sounds and syllables). He has been developing this specific approach to theater with Boca Loca LAB since founding the ensemble in 2007.

Adámek is not only the director of his musical-theater projects, but also the author of the libretto and sometimes composes the music as well. He has spent several artistic internships in France, and has been significantly influenced by postmodern French théâtre musical. Adámek has received numerous awards since creating his first evening-length “musical-theater” production, including the Music Theatre Now! award in Germany and the Original Theatre Prize at the Kontakt festival in Toruń for Ticks Ticks Politics (2006). Europeans (2008) received the prize for best young director at the Mess festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the children’s theater production of The Jungle Book (2007) won the Alfréd Radok Award for stage design, won in three categories at the Mateřinka festival in Liberec, and received the main prize at the Banialuka festival in Bialsko-Białej. Ticks Ticks Politics and Click on the Video (2008) were also adapted for radio, and can be heard at
At the 2007 Next Wave festival, Adámek was named Person of the Year in the area alternative theater for his musical-theater compositions and their theoretical analysis. His main contribution to the study of “théâtre musical” in theory is through his dissertation Théâtre musical/Theatre Bound by Music (NAMU, 2011). He also writes analytical articles on contemporary theater for Svět a divadlo magazine.  

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